12 January 2009

Remote Desktop via TS Gateway

I have had an issue with the setup of the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) via the Windows 2008 SBS Remote Web Workplace (RWW). One nice thing that the SBS installer does, it makes it easy for us, almost too easy, so we expect everything to work out of the box. When I tried to connect to a PC, I initially encountered this error:

"VBScript: Remote Desktop Disconnected
An internal error has occurred (error 50331688). For more information, please contact your network administrator or Microsoft Product Support."

RDC works via the Terminal Services Gateway, which is a new service in Windows 2008. There is a Technet article that details the ins and outs of it:


Having installed and battled certificate issues for the RWW before, I suspected that this would be another case of making sure the correct certificate was allocated to the connection:

Go to Server Manager and expand

Roles > Terminal Services > TS Gateway Manager > [Your Server] > Policies > Connection

Select "Configure Central TS CAP" and go to the SSL Certificate tab. There pick the option to "Select an existing certificate..." and browse the list of certificates to locate the certificate you purchased for the server.

Now that I added the right certificate, I can connect to the Server and the Client PCs remotly from the RWW. Nice!

Screenshot of TS Gateway Configuration

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